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Noasaurus was most likely born in The Valley of Dinosaurs. One day he entered a Dinosaur Race, which consisted of 7 other members including Dilophosaurus, and was hosted by Carnotaurus. All the contestants got eliminated except for Noasaurus and Dilophosaurus and Noasaurus was about to win but Dilophosaurus pushed him and ran to the finish line however, Carnotaurus angrily said` pushing isn't allowed in Dinosaur Racing. so Dilophosaurus was disqualified by him anyway and Noasaurus won. From that day on, Dilophosaurus seeked revenge on Noasaurus. the next day..Noasaurus gathered pairs of male dinosaurs on a boat he built, to save them from the flash flood Dilophosaurus made. when they met Carcharodontosaurus on an iceberg..the herd kept him, the next time Dilophosaurus meet Noasaurus was on a deserted island and Stegosaurus even forgot who he was, later on after falling down a waterfall.. the dinosaurs found Nightmare canyon, Ceratosaurus tolled the Apatosauruses to lead the way, but Noasaurus beat him up for doing that, they saw that Dimetrodon had gone crazy, later Noasaurus was finding food..a Tyrannosaurus chased him up a mountain..but that led to him being encountered by 2nd Tyrannosaurus in which it chased Noasaurus through a rock maze but he escaped just as the T Rexes crashed, One night after Dilophosaurus ate the Apatosauruses, the herd was angry at Dilophosaurus for eating them, so Noasaurus angrily banished Dilophosaurus from the herd, but Noasaurus got caught by the 1st Tyrannosaurus and the 2nd Tyrannosaurus but Stegosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus came in and faught them both, Stegosaurus then returned Dimetrodon back to normal, after finding the tunnel..Ultrasauros faught the 1st Tyrannosaurus on a ladderwall until they knocked eachother off and both fell to they`re deaths, later on after meeting Pteranodon.. Saltasaurus was snatched up by the 2nd Tyrannosaurus, so Ceratosaurus jumped down into the ravine and faught the Tyrannosaurus by beating it up and even biting it, but it kicked him off and sanked it`s teeth into Saltasaurus, Ceratosaurus got up and faught with the Tyrannosaurus again..and this time gained the upper hand, Ceratosaurus restrained the Tyrannosaurus and pulled it`s mouth open, snapping it`s jaws, Ceratosaurus then jumped on the T rex and bent it`s skull back, snapping it`s spinal cord and killing it, Pteranodon showed them a life machine in wich it brought Saltasaurus to life, then the herd was put back together again,