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Characters, Noasaurus, species Noasaurus. Ceratosauruses, species Ceratosaurus. Saltasauruses, species Saltasaurus. Carcharodontosaurus, species Carcahrodontosaurus saharicus. Dimetrodon, species Dimetrodon grandis. Diplocaulus, species Diplocaulus. Stegosauruses, species Stegosaurus. Allosauruses, species Allosaurus. Ultrasauroses, species Ultrasaurus. Triceratops, species Triceratops. Apatosauuses, species Apatosaurus. T Rexes, species Tyrannosaurus Rex. Dilophosaurus, species Dilophosaurus. Ace, species Carnotaurus. Paris, species Parasaurolophus. Gorgo and Giant, species Saurarica. Gold and Red, species Ceratops. Dippy, species Diplodocus. Bary, species Baryonyx.

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